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Matthiasho Egg is a UK company that provides Accounting & Finance Consultation Help Service. The Company is now serving students in 52 countries, and expanding globally due to exceptional quality service, direct communication with finance experts and friendly support staff. 

Everyday our student portfolio is increasing and we have maintained secure, safe, friendly and easy to understand interface at each level so that students can easily operate and get their desired results.

Matthiasho Egg started their operations in 2008 with a team of only four Accounting and Finance Experts. Today, we are team of 48 UK Qualified Accounting and Finance Experts. 


We specialize in Accounting & Finance, and offer Tutoring Help Service in all topics and for all education levels. We believe there is no topic or research area in Accounting and Finance that is beyond our expertise. We have served thousands of UK students and we know the marking style of tutors in colleges, institutions and universities.

The UK educational institutions have strict policies and teaching methodology in evaluating students on the basis of their research, referencing, searching and analytical skills. The majority of students, especially international students face problems in doing their assigned essays, assignments, homework, coursework, research paper, thesis and dissertation in the field of accounting and finance. 

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Our customer-base is our students and for this reason our prices are very reasonable. Please send us your requirements through email or fill the Enquire Now form to get a price quote in 30 minutes. 

Data Protection

We are a UK registered organization and strictly follow the UK Data Protection Act 1998 to protect consumer data and privacy. The company is liable to respect consumer rights at all stages of processing the order. .


We always provide original solutions and there is no chance of similarity. Our provided solutions are checked through originality deducting software before the final delivery.

Direct Communication

The success of Finance Buddies lies in our business model. We allow direct communication with Finance and Accounting Experts. It will help students get fast solutions, minimize communication gap, and increase efficiency.

Friendly Support

Our sales and support staff is trained and professional. You will get 24/7 support and all your queries will be answered within a minimum time period of 30 minutes. Contact with us now we are online.

Top Quality

Our Finance and Accounting experts are qualified from top UK universities. Although they are all experts but still we still have a quality assurance team that monitors all order submissions

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