How to Deal With Problem Customers–Don’t Just Cut Them Loose, Help Them Out.

Seeking Help

Everyone has them, the customer who doesn’t ever pay on time (or even at all), or maybe one that is never satisfied no matter what is done for them. It is a common theory that 80% of income comes from the top 20% of clients and that you should simply cut loose anyone that you deem to be problematic, or ”not worth it”. However, there is an alternative option to dumping them outright: help them!

One way in which you can do this is, in the case of the customers who are always behind in paying their bills, is to find out why this is a common occurance. Perhaps they have cash flow issues, or are simply not organized and cannot get out from the hole they have dug for themselves. Offer to get them in contact with your own accountant to help them resolve the financial issues, or if you know a business coach (or consultant) offer to pass along the customer’s information so that they can get the assistance they need.

While it may seem on the surface that these “problem” customers are just that, they may just be misunderstood or frustrated with their own situations and passing along that frustration on to you. It may turn out that they simply needed to get their internal affairs in order before addressing the external issues. In time, they may prove to be grateful for your understanding and assistance, and even move up into the that top 20% of your customer list or higher.