Pet Vacuum Cleaner Repairs You Can DIY and Save On Cash

When your pet vacuum cleaner breaks down, it can be time-consuming and costly finding and getting a professional to fix it. Most vacuum cleaner issues are simple to fix if you know what you’re doing. If your pet vacuum isn’t picking up the dirt and pet hair as it used to them, you can check out this comprehensive guide and see if you can have a go at fixing the vacuum cleaner by yourself.

Poor Suction

Pet Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t offering you powerful suction capabilities, start by replacing the vacuum bag. If either of the dust cups is too full, air can’t pass through the device and suction will be affected. If you try doing this and the vacuum doesn’t fully restore pickup, make sure you check for a clogged hose.

You can disconnect the hose from the hoover, stretch it out and drop a penny down into it. If the penny doesn’t come out the other end, then it means you have a clog. You can use a broom or a mop handle to remove and push out the clog.

If you can’t disconnect the vacuum hose on both ends, try disconnecting one end, stretch out the hose and then turn the vacuum cleaner to try to suck the clog into the hoover then reattach the hose.

Brush Roll Issues

If your brush roll has tangled strands of thread and pet hair, make sure that you get scissors and an agile seam riper and get rid of the hair. If your brush roll doesn’t turn, then it means that the belt is stretched or broken. What’s incredible is that you can quickly replace the belt by simply removing the bottom plate.

Vacuum Won’t Operate

If the thermal protector, the element that the keeps the vacuum cleaners motor from overheating and burning out (it happens when the clog gets caught in the nozzle or opening the vacuum bag) then turn off the cleaner and then disconnect it from the outlet.

Get rid of the obstruction and then wait at least 30 minutes for the protector to cool off. Some vacuum cleaners might also require you to press a button to reset it while others will do so automatically.

In as much as most repairs are straightforward, maintaining your vacuum cleaner properly will prevent break downs and clogs. So, ensure that you always:

  • Replace the vacuum bag or empty it regularly before it’s ¾ full
  • Replace and wash the filters
  • Gently pull the cord from the wall and then rewind it in to keep it from tangling
  • Clean the brushes regularly
  • Carefully replace attachments and adjust levers and the dials to keep the vacuum cleaner’s plastic parts from breaking

Vacuum cleaners don’t require much, by ensuring that you keep it safely stored and using it as instructed, you can use them for over five years. If it, however, breaks down, and you have a warranty, ensure that you visit the manufacturer and avoid doing any DIY repairs, in case you end up making the issue worse.

Moreover, if you have future breakdowns that require a technician’s touch and you had previously repaired the vacuum by yourself, the manufacturer won’t consider your warranty, and you’ll end up paying hefty maintenance fees.