Who We Are

Who We Are

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This project Cycle illustrates the business investment goals through as it becomes an FC-financed project

There is no standard application from for FC financing.A company or enterpreneur,foreign or donestics,Governors seeking to establish anew venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach FC directly.This is best done by reading

how to apply for financing and by submitting an investment proposal

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How To Apply For Financing 

FC offers a wide variety of financial products for private sector projects in developed and developing countries.

to be eligible for FC funding ,a.project must meet a number of criteria

The project must :

Be located in a developed or developing country

Be in the private OR Gov sector

Be technically sound

have good prospectd of being profitable

benefit the local economy and Be environmentally and socially sound ,satisfying

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FC environmental and social standards

as well as those of the host country

PLEASE NOTE that FC does not lend directly to micro, small, and medium enterprises or individual entrepreneurs, but many of our investment clients are financial intermediaries that on-lend to smaller businesses.

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5. Investment requirements, project financing & returns:

Proposed financial structure of venture, indicating expected sources and terms of equity and debt financing. Type of FC financing (loan, equity, quasi-equity, a combination of  financial products, etc.) and amount. Projected financial statement, information on profitability, and return on investment. Critical factors determining profitability. 

6. Government support & regulations:

Specific government incentives and support available to project. Expected contribution of project to economic development. Outline of government regulations on exchange controls and conditions of capital entry and repatriation. 

7. Timetable envisaged for project preparation & completion. 

NOTE : Only Client Can apply their request which has Enough Financial ability to support 10-20 % percent  of their total project value.

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